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The Points Guy Is a travel blog about how to maximize travel rewards for the smallest cost.  His main topic is credit cards that offer a good sign up bonus to help you get away soonest.

He also reviews different airlines, and promotes when they are offering a good bonus for award travel.  How you could travel roundtrip to Europe for 50,000 miles as opposed to $20,000.  Its just interesting to read the wide variety of things he discusses.  I personally enjoy this blog because he believes in the using credit cards for everything as opposed to debit cards or cash because with credit cards you earn rewards and can use those rewards for trips or experiences or cash back.

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Points are your Friends

Ever since I can remember I have loved nothing more than to go shopping.. I’m not talking about the marathon let’s make a day out of shopping, let’s make a couple of hours out of it.  But what I have really recently enjoyed is watching my points balance grow.

Every single one of my credit cards has a points earning feature or a cash back feature.  If you are already spending the money why not earn some points for spending it so that you can go on a vacation you thought you could never afford.  One website I read pretty much religiously, other than TMZ, is The Points Guy.  He is someone who writes a blog about different ways to earn and maximize on the amount of points you earn.

With different credit card offers out there that offer 50,000 and 100,000 American Airlines miles (Enough for a business class ticket roundtrip to  Europe) how could you not pass it up?  The only prerequisite for getting those points into your account is usually with a minimum spending requirement, most of which give you 3 months to accomplish, but if you put absolutely everything you would normally write a check for, or use cash for, or really all the expenses you can on the card you should have no problem reaching those spending limit.  The Points Guy, wrote a great article on this.  Click Here to read the article.

The great thing about points is there is a way to earn points for just about anything.  Hotels, airlines, and cruise lines are among the most popular but you can earn many other different kinds of points.  One of the newer things is Cash Back on your purchases.  The Discover it Card and the Capital One Quicksilver cards are two cards that earn a minimum of 1% cash back on every purchase.  It does not sound like a lot, but it is at least something.

So the next time your slapping yourself trying to figure out how to take a vacation this year and you don’t have a points earning card you’ve only got your self to blame.  It is probably the easiest and cheapest way to travel.  Usually when you book a plane ticket with miles the only thing you pay for is the taxes associated with that ticket.


Congratulations You have been ACCEPTED

Perhaps the biggest high school seniors have to make this year will be to continue their education through college, or not go to college and join the career path immediately.  There are pros and cons to both and both show potential to earn a good healthy living.  For some college is not an option, for others it is a choice.  It is a monumental decision that will have a lasting affect on their lives as well as their families.

College Applications

When applying to colleges, ultimately we all are striving to receive the letter in the mail that begins, “We are excited to inform you that you have been ACCEPTED to ____(Insert University name here)____…” When choosing which colleges to apply to, consider a few things.  This is the time that you need to get really real with your self and come to terms with what you are wanting to accomplish in life.

A few things to consider when choosing colleges to apply to are

  • Distance from home
  • Courses offered
  • Retention Rate
  • Graduation Rate
  • Cost
  • Size of student body

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