CyberBullying Video

As the end of the school year draws near so do classes and finals come to students.  As part of my final in my Digital Communications class we created a video that shows different ways people are CyberBullied.

It is a short 2 minute video that gives quick insight into 7 different types of cyberbullying and then 7 ways to overcome them and prevail the better person.

Our YouTube video can be found at CLICK HERE.

My part of the video was to create two posters and then manage the editing.  However, due to tennis and a few other things i was not present for a few portions of the video editing and creating process, but i did the final edit and helped with a few tweaks that the class felt necessary.

Senior Day

Today is the day i had to record my senior message to my mom and dad.  Which is basically a goodbye message that the school records and they play it at the senior dinner a couple of nights before graduation.

I cannot even begin to describe how excited i am to graduate.  I am ready to begin the next chapter in my life and that no longer includes high school.  I’m just going to have a crazy few days following graduation.  There is graduation thursday at 8.  Then Project graduation which is a lock in for the kids that just graduated.  Then friday at 11 I am going to NYC for a week.

So beyond excited to graduate!

The Points Guy – Review

The Points Guy Is a travel blog about how to maximize travel rewards for the smallest cost.  His main topic is credit cards that offer a good sign up bonus to help you get away soonest.

He also reviews different airlines, and promotes when they are offering a good bonus for award travel.  How you could travel roundtrip to Europe for 50,000 miles as opposed to $20,000.  Its just interesting to read the wide variety of things he discusses.  I personally enjoy this blog because he believes in the using credit cards for everything as opposed to debit cards or cash because with credit cards you earn rewards and can use those rewards for trips or experiences or cash back.

Check him out on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook.

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Google Facts

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